Stories from Austra-Link

"Right Under My Nose"

By the time I was 40 I had travelled far and wide throughout the world in an effort to make sense of my life. How ironic to then stumble across a book in my local library titled “Death Will Get Him Sober”! – this was the exact resignation I felt in regards to my father. That same weekend I found myself in my first Al-Anon meeting and I immediately recognized the depth of my belonging here.

Things started to actually make sense!

The first year in recovery was all about re-installing self-esteem, identifying with the sharings, becoming comfortable with boundaries and relaxing into the Higher Power’s infinite wisdom and benevolence.

How thrilled I am to now discover the relevance of the Al-Anon principles to my professional life and to be able to apply them in my daily business activity!

Thank you.

- Anonymous

"Very Grateful for Al-Anon's Help"

I have been a member of Al-Anon for a lot of years and I have been helped along the way by hundreds of people sharing their wisdom, strength and hope. I am so grateful for the help I have been given so freely, by so many.

I came to get my husband sober; I was sick of all the fights and arguments. I had tried so hard to get him sober but never took a trick. I thought I could find the answer in Al-Anon. I cried through my first few meetings, it was a very sad time. I kept attending meetings each week as I felt it was the place for me. Thank God I kept going as I gradually got better. I learned I had choices and to change my attitude. To count my blessings, be positive and keep my mouth shut when necessary. Slowly the fights stopped and our house became more peaceful. My husband kept drinking but I got better. I knew I was learning detachment when I lost the urge to kill him. I could even feel a bit of compassion.

Learning that Alcoholism is a disease helped me enormously – I thought he drank to annoy me (and it sure did!)

I feel so blessed to have Al-Anon in my life; we are very lucky people. It has helped me in so many ways…much more than I could ever repay.

- Anonymous

"Finding the Help I Needed"

I had known for quite a few years we had problems in our marriage but the serious problems began when my husband drank alone in the garage. He blamed this behaviour on me as I, by now, was physically sick all the time. I tried to get him to see that his drinking was an illness too and if he didn’t stop I would go mad. I became the enabler and by nagging and fighting I conveyed to him a lack of faith in his ability to do the right thing…this all happened before he was fired from his job.

With no money, two sick parents and two disturbed children we came embroiled with professional enablers. This was the most destructive time of our lives and, ten years on, those personally involved gave the very help that increased our dependency and need for denial.

Along the way I found Al-Anon thanks to two A.A. members whom I had contacted to help my husband. They must have seen that I was caught in a trap and they let me escape.

By very slowly facing my fears, a change began. I had the gift of hope. By reading and listening at meetings I found I could be happy whether the alcoholic changed or not.

- Anonymous