To buy Al-Anon literature, contact your nearest Area Office for a price list and catalogue (plus postage). 

Payment can be by direct deposit, cheque or money order, or collect in person with cash. If paying via direct deposit, your local Area Office will provide its account name, BSB and number.

Links to:

Conflict Resolution Kit (K-17)(K-17)


Resolving Conflict (S-71)(S-71)

Al-Anon Alateen Service Manual 2014-2017 (P-24/27)



Now Available in AGSO Literature stocks:

  • NEW!! Conflict Resolution Kit (K-17) - image at right.
  • Completing the "Conflict Resolution" series: (S-73) - a booklet to help groups and service arms use the information in S-71 and S-72, with many examples of direct application in Al-Anon conflict situations (16 pages). Other items in the series, see below:
  • Conflict Resolution using our Twelve Traditions - 12 cards (S-72)
  • Loving Interchange to Resolve Conflict (S-71) image at right.

  • Al-Anon Alateen Service Manual 2014 - 2017 (P-24/27)
    "[The] "World Service Handbook" explains how Al-Anon is held together worldwide, how it is structured, how each memer who is elected or appointed to a particular responsibility can best function in it... Since our growth depends on how well we serve the felowship, this book can be helpful as a guide. It gives the methods that have long been standard practice in service work worldwide. All these procedures have been drawn from trial-and-error experience and should be changed only when an Area Assembly is fully agreed that such changes will better adapt these guidelines to its needs." (p. 131).
  • ALSO: Families Facing Alcoholism (PI-01), 2nd edition, the Public Information booklet published in Australia for P.I. work in Australia - available NOW!






  • Catalogue of Conference Approved Literature (.PDF)

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Al-Anon Family Groups (Australian adaptation):


Posters from AGSO literature stocks:











  • Here's a printable version of the posters, it can be emailed to members for reviewing what's available. 


Al-Anon & Alateen Catalogue of Conference Approved Literature (CAL)  

Download the Al-Anon/Alateen Catalogue of Conference Approved Literature (CAL), (X-97).

Reading for Recovery

  • Recovery through the 12 Steps

  • Unity through the 12 Traditions

  • Service through the 12 Concepts

The following links offer reading material for personal Recovery, Unity and Service:

    • First steps by the World Service Office (WSO) into the Electronic Literature marketplace. Discontinued from Al-Anon Family Group's catalogue (X-97), the title, Having Had A Spiritual Awakening is available again - as an eBook. To find out more, launch a simple Internet search to locate the eBook. Also, refer to the WSO website for information on its Electronic Literature titles.
    • Having Had a Spiritual Awakening (eB-25)



  • Guildelines are provided as a service for use by Al-Anon Family Groups and members in Australia.