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This bookmark lists useful thought-words, setting out what the two programs offer members and potential new members: "fellowship", "mutual support", "non-professional", "anonymity", "spiritual", "single purpose", "worldwide" "compatible", "free of charge" (and they're just the "Is" trigger-words!).


A popular public information resource (bulk requests are normally limited).

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A bookmark rather than a pamphlet, this very informative piece of CAL explains who Sponsors are and what Sponsorship is. “It is important to recognize that relationships sometimes change as we grow in Al-Anon. In order to continue growing, it may become necessary to change Sponsors. Sponsorship is not a lifelong commitment; letting go is not a sign of failure”. Sponsorship is: A relationship built on equality, anonymity and trust. A commitment to practice healthy communication – not based on intimidation or demands. An agreement to recover and grow together - not to struggle in isolation. A spiritual relationship with no strings attached. [Excerpt from, Sponsorship – Working together to Recover, M-78]


The World Service Conference convenes annually. During this time, one elected Delegate from each assembly area along with the Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee, and Al-Anon administrative staff members of the World Service Office come together to discuss and make decisions on important matters affecting Al-Anon/Alateen as a whole.

The Conference Summary is the annual written report to the Al-Anon/Alateen groups of the World Service Conference activities. It includes a report of World Service activities during the previous year. Additionally, thought-provoking, growth-providing ideas can be adapted or adopted for outreach and "inreach," including specific skits, workshops, and meeting topics.

The description (above) is from the Al-Anon Family Group website, copyright 2013, by Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. Replicated with permission.

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An illustrated workbook for teens who want to tackle a personal growth challenge: A Fourth Step inventory. Includes lots of extra space for writing, drawing and reflecting. Adults too, have found this workbook useful.

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The task of making a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves can be daunting. This step-by-step workbook ensures the task is almost easy. Answers that require more thought than just "yes" or "no" are recommended, as is putting a date beside each entry so it's possible to look back and notice progress over the course of time.

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"Whom you see here, what you hear hear, when you leave here, let it stay here."


Al-Anon Spoken Here! "Keep The Focus on Our Program, Please!" A stack of hats displays examples of other affiliations to please leave outside our meetings.


Alateen sponsors are a vital part of Al-Anon Family Groups. Some questions on this bookmark card, 'may help you decide if you can say "yes" to Alateen sponsorship.'


This nifty, wallet-size fold-down item of CAL is a great tool for a meeting topic--then members want their own copy to take it home and study further. Published by the WSO (Nov/Dec 2012), place an order for your Group through your Area literature Co-ordinator. 




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