Al-Anon’s new book on relationships is here!
This book explores the many facets of our recovery in relationships. Drawing on the experience, strength, and hope of hundreds of members, it sheds light on how alcoholism has affected many different types of relationships in many different ways. It also shares why various Al-Anon tools have been helpful in improving our relationships or our attitudes about them.


“At meetings we find people who have discovered that happiness is a choice they can make at any moment. Contentment is no longer seen as an accidental mood created when someone else does what we want. We see people who are able to find peace and serenity even when the outward circumstances of their lives are chaotic. We’re able to listen to them share, and we find that their experience of living with an alcoholic has much in common with ours. As we hear about the relationships in their lives—healthy or unhealthy—we come to understand that everyone in Al-Anon is on a similar path. Peace of mind and healthy relationships are possible for all of us.”

From Discovering Choices
(B-30), page 24-25



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Here’s what some members are saying about Discovering Choices:

  • This book on relationships opened my eyes and my heart as I read through the sharings. I could relate so well with many stories. It definitely has been a growing experience for my relationships, past and present. Wonderful sharings! Great book!

  • From cover to cover, the generous and heartfelt sharing from our members captured my mind and heart and gave me an abundance of information and new ideas to use in my life of recovery. Building and improving relationships is one of the most important benefits of our program. This book is a wonderful guide to using the Steps, Traditions, and Concepts of Service in all forms of relationships, and I am sure the fellowship will embrace this publication as a recovery favorite.

  • I really enjoyed the positive stories from a wide variety of members. I am the daughter, mother, sister, and spouse of alcoholics, so I could really relate to the sharings.

  • This is one of the best Al-Anon books that I have read so far. Sharings are so rich and deeply moving. At the same time, many sharings sound so familiar that I feel it's about me; about my life.

  • We are all at different stages in our recovery and how it pertains to our relationships. I think the text does a great job in incorporating so many stages of growth, lifestyles, and experiences, as well as the almost limitless ways to use the tools of the program to change our relationships and bring hope in even the direst circumstances. The questions help focus on some of the deeper aspects of relationships, if the reader is open to going there.

  • I find this book really exceptional. I think it will give help to mothers, husbands, children, grandparents, and others for years to come. It is a jewel and something to be cherished. I have grown while reading it and have discovered a few things about myself that require some soul searching. My gratitude goes to everyone who made this book possible. You have given our fellowship a wonderful gift!

  • I really like the variety of relationships included. I also like the emphasis on hope and gratitude. There is a good representation of using the Steps, slogans, sponsorship, and belief in a Higher Power, which leads to healing.

  • I found it very affirming to read the personal stories describing the great variety of relationships with which Al-Anon members struggle. The book follows our recovery path as we attend our first meetings, begin to look at ourselves, get a Sponsor, work the Steps, and get more involved in this program of recovery. It is unique and easy to read, with many insights for all levels of recovery.

  • Excellent. It seems like subjects never addressed much before have been visited with a new look. Among other subjects, I appreciate that expectations, sexuality, diversity, meetings, conflicts, sponsorship, service, Traditions, and Concepts are included.

  • This book has some very powerful sharings showing lots of courage by members. They share so intimately with all of us in the fellowship and with those who still suffer what Al-Anon can do for those who seek help in recovering from the effects of someone else alcoholism.