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Many Voices, One Journey—Al-Anon Family Groups (B-31), Al-Anon Family Groups’ latest book, shows how the individual Al-Anon member’s journey of personal recovery and spiritual growth is reflected in the growth of Al-Anon as a worldwide fellowship. It tells how members found the courage to change as they faced the challenges in their personal lives and in the development of the fellowship.

The book is divided into short segments that can be read aloud at a meeting. Many of these segments are followed by questions for group discussion or personal reflection. Many Voices, One Journey gives readers an opportunity to experience change, growth, and recovery first-hand—not only of Al-Anon’s members, but of Al-Anon itself.


“Al-Anon as we know it today was not born whole and complete. It developed gradually and took shape over many years, as members shared their recovery, developed a body of literature, and put into place the Three Legacies, the World Service Conference, and the service structures of many countries around the world. The effects of someone else’s drinking brought them together for mutual support. They faced the challenges of working together to develop Al-Anon as a worldwide fellowship and a spiritual program for personal growth. The story of their collective experience, strength, and hope is a reflection of each individual member’s personal search for greater peace and serenity.”

FromMany Voices, One Journey
—Al-Anon Family Groups

(B-31), pages 387-8



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Here’s what some members are saying about Many Voices, One Journey—Al-Anon Family Groups:

  • I love it! Great job. Great book. It’s a very good read. I found it interesting and informative. I particularly like the questions—very thought provoking. This is a wonderful book. It is truly different from other recent books.

  • Once I finished reading the last chapter, the last page, and closed the book, I was overwhelmed with such great respect for our fellowship and how far we’ve come. Just as I have grown, fallen down, gotten back up, and grown some more, so has our fellowship.

  • After reading Many Voices, One Journey, I have a better understanding of what happened in the past that makes the fellowship as it is today.

  • Reading about Al-Anon Family Groups’ past gave me an opportunity to reflect on how those events relate to me and my recovery today. It was an amazing, insightful adventure.

  • The book presents much information never before available in one place, or no longer available to anyone without access to Al-Anon’s World Service Office Archives. The questions, as well as some of the connective narrative, help point out the relevance of this information to today’s member.

  • The content was interesting, informative, and educational. I also liked the sharing of members and examples that it gives on different issues that might not be explained in our Service Manual. I think it’ll be a great for a book study discussion because of the thought provoking questions.

  • Many Voices, One Journey isn’t a watered-down version of our history and individual recovery. It’s an honest look at our growing pains—joys, successes, and failures both as a whole and as individuals.

  • I like the “feel” of this book. It reveals things that I didn’t know about and that’s always exciting. It’s like we’re part of the action—almost as if we had been there.

  • I am very impressed with the blend of historical information and personal recovery reflected in this book. The recovery and spiritual growth of our fellowship came through loud and clear.

  • The discussion/awareness of our personal Al-Anon “issues” in response to the challenges that were arising within the fellowship—and more importantly, a conscious integration of program principals being applied “in all our affairs”—seems most evident. Chapters Ten through Twelve were quite powerful for me and provoked much thought (that is still continuing.)

  • Many Voices, One Journey has the courage to present some of Al-Anon’s not-so-pretty issues, such as treatment of adult children in the mid-1980s. Yet, the book makes me realize that we have grown through many issues with the passage of time. It points out where Al-Anon has yet to grow if we are to achieve our mission of helping anyone affected by another person’s drinking.

  • Somewhere in Courage to Change, there’s a quotation that expresses the idea that life is lived moving forward, but only understood looking backward. Many Voices, One Journey gave me that much-needed look backward at the Al-Anon program—a perspective that wasn’t previously available to me from any other source. The book opened my eyes to aspects of Al-Anon that I never saw before. It helped me to appreciate the program from a higher level.