My Sponsor’s unconditional love was the turning point

When I first started working the Steps with my Sponsor, I was scared to death—scared to death to share the secrets of the disease that I had carried with me, some that I had had since childhood. It wasn’t until we got to Step Five that my new self-awareness started to become comfortable.

I was sitting there in a little pizzeria with someone who knew who I was and accepted me for who I was. I felt connected to the world in a completely new way. I no longer had to go it alone as I had done for so many years. To have the unconditional love from another human being without being judged, without feeling ashamed, was a great turning point for me in my recovery. I had been working long and hard, but always alone. Now I was connected. My Sponsor told me I was very courageous for sharing.

When I think of that moment when I first shared my story with her in that little pizzeria, I will always be grateful for her taking the time to listen unconditionally. I drove past the pizzeria the other day, and it had shut down. That was a reminder to me that things change. Sometimes, they can change for the better. The fear I lived with (because of my secrets) had changed to hope, because someone took the time to care. It gave me the courage to move forward in my recovery with

By Carol W., Arizona
The Forum, December 2012