Laughter lightens the heart

When I married my husband, the one thing I wished we had was the ability to laugh together. We were both very “serious” about life and ourselves.

The following year, he and I got into recovery. When I went to my first Al-Anon meeting, I was stunned that they were laughing at such “serious” issues. I was judgmental and defensive, all to make myself more comfortable. As time went on and I chose to stay, my resistance started to wear down. I found myself smiling, giggling, and onto out and out belly laughing. It felt great! Strangely enough, things at home began to change also. As I lightened up, the whole household began to brighten up.

Today, 25 years later, my husband and I have a good belly laugh several times a week. Humor has softened the edges of our friction and brought joy into our home. We are leaving a legacy of laughter for our children—memories of caring and sharing joy and fun. When I die, I hope they’ll tell stories beginning with “Remember when mom and dad would start laughing and couldn’t stop?”

Thank you, Al-Anon for turning fears and tears into love, laughter, and fun. Laughter lightens the heart and loosens the belt on the soul.

By Susan M., Iowa
The Forum, March 2013