Al‑Anon is for everyone

As one of the 16% male Al‑Anon members, I am inspired and moved by the initiative taken by the World Service Office to address diversity. Having recently attended our Area Assembly, where there was also a workshop on diversity, I am deeply committed to sharing the message that Al‑Anon is for everyone.

At the beginning of my Al‑Anon experience some years ago, I was at times intimidated by being the only male at a meeting in a group of 20 or more. Today, I am at peace at all meetings, those I have attended in Canada and in England. The sense of belonging for me needed to come from within.

Today, I am a member of a men’s group as well as the Group Representative of a mixed group.  The men’s group is struggling along, but I am there to give voice to my experience, strength, and hope.

The greater presence of men’s sharing in The Forum (in both pictures and words) is another reassurance to me. I am eager to share the message that Al‑Anon is for everyone, and that members at meetings are warm and welcoming to all who enter their doors. All it takes is the first small step toward spiritual recovery.

By Ron B., British Columbia
The Forum, September 2013